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Oh, I can think creatively many ways to do it, but I am afraid the developers do not have that luxury, having time and budget constraints, so I am afraid they simply do not use this fun features.

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And the idea that Larian is somehow recycling...
Like dude, thats literaly their most expensive project yet, you realy think they are recycling
And Clockwork you have the right to hold any opinion, but i have the right to laugh at you for it.

It was _Vic_ who suggested Larian might not have the resources to implement D&D 5E into real-time. That's what prompted me to argue they might be the wrong studio for this project.

If your camp could make up its mind, I would be happy about that.

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Even if i like Icewind dale the most, which is arguably nothign but combat.

Well this just proves my previous point, some of you guys don't even hold BG as your favourite in the genre, so it's really no wonder you don't mind it being mangled to death.
It's important that we understand each other.
I understand that you're not that big of a fan of BG.
And I want you to understand that the other side absolutely revere the Baldur's Gate series.

When we understand each other we've progressed 1 step further.