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Nowhere in the forum rules does it say that you have to be a D:OS fan or a Larian sycophant to be on this forum. In fact, to my way of seeing things, it is exactly people like me that Larian should be listening to and trying to engage in a conversation if they are sincere in wanting to become better at what they do. So until a mod tells me I can't criticize the D:OS games in this forum, I will continue to do so.

The D:OS games had weak stories and silly quests, superficial characters, and simplistic munchkin-y character development. The writing overall was atrocious. The world was trite and boring, and largely empty of anything worth exploring. The artwork was cartoonish. The so-called humor was asinine and not humerous at all. The crafting system was a painful chore. Combat was a tedious, repetitive slog-fest that took forever and involved merely loading up all your characters with the same set of 3-4 spells and then spamming those spells. As such, the supposedly 100 hours game actually only had about 30 hours of content and the rest of the "100 hours" was suffering through the stupid combat. Furthermore, the vaunted "environmental reactivity" merely involved oil barrels and water puddles very conveniently available in every battle and very conveniently positioned exactly where you want them just so you could squeal and clap your hands with delight at the big boom! Like a child.

So yes, if this is what I'm going to get packaged as a Baldur's Gate game, and since my take on the D:OS games is the only frame of reference I have for what Larian is capable of or likes to do with its games, then as a passionate Baldur's Gate fan who considers those games to be like a hundred times better than the D:OS games I have every right--and justification--to be really angry about my cherished franchise being taken over and turned into a joke.

BG3 will be based on D&D 5e which is a very solid system with plenty of worth while builds.There are countless abilities and spells in D&D. Also we know for the most part that the tone of BG 3 is very different and the art is not cartoonish.

Yes I agree, so there is the potential for someone to make a really good D&D 5e RPG. The question is whether Larian's BG3 will be such a game, and that's where I have serious questions and a high level of skepticism.

Hopefully we will get a taste of BG 3 at Pax West and find that out