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And surely Larian´s goal is to make a good videogame, not a perfect simulation; and Sven Vincke already stated that some rules are going to be bend (because, as I said before, they are making a videogame and you have to adapt things, cut others; the same as in the videogame adaptation of VTMB 1&2: they will never use "mask of a thousand faces" for lots of practical reasons, for example).

That is the question here, isn't it? Are they trying to "make a really good video game that can hold a candle to the original games", or are they trying to "recreate a tabletop experience that represents the D&D 5e ruleset as faithfully as possible"?

I bet among fans of the original games, many are pure video gamers who don't much care for how "faithfully" the games represent the tabletop rulesets, or "how many rules were bent" in the making of the games. So are they trying to satisfy these fans, or are they trying to satisfy the PnP crowd who may or may not even be fans of the original games to begin with? They can certainly try to achieve both, but then we know it's not possible to satisfy everyone.

I wonder if the devs ask themselves, "which crowd is our main target?". I wonder if they have a "prioritized" target group in mind. Or are they actually always like, "we're going to try to satisfy all sorts of fans". IMO this factor has a big impact on how they're shaping up the game.

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