Oh, no, Sven Vincke was pretty clear about that when he stated already that they are going to make a videogame first and not a perfect D&D simulator. He even gave hints about things are going to be included and not.
The thing about they don´t say anything specific is the combat.

Sven Vincke: "With respect to the combat system, this is based on D&D, so we’re using their combat system. We had to make a few tweaks, but we’re also trying to bring the stuff that you use in combat to overcome your foes, and which relates to how you imagine the fight to be, and how you imagine your characters doing things. We’re trying to make that possible within the game. So expect something that’s going to give you quite a lot of freedom when it comes to combat"


MM: "Our idea is that you can change things, even lore, as long as you show and don't tell why it might be changing"

but they tweak some things to make D&D a videogame experience. What things? We do not know, but they give us some clues:

Swen Vincke how fully his studio is adapting D&D’s character progression, and he said:

“That’s actually been one of the things that we’ve been struggling with, because it’s a very slow leveling process in the books,” he says. As D&D players will know, gaining ten or 12 levels on the tabletop is a journey that could last weeks, but for a videogame, it’s “not a lot.”

Nevertheless, Larian is making a D&D game. Therefore: “We wanted to stick to it. So we’re figuring out ways of letting you still feel that you’re progressing in a meaningful manner, but in a videogame manner.”



We want to show the combat, not talk about it"

In this podcast, they also semi-confirmed the wish spell but also stated that some spells were banned. They use a three-color-coded list of spells. Green is good to go! like magic missile. Red is "never gonna happen". He didn´t enter into specifics but they said that is High-level stuff. Wish is accepted because it has a role in storytelling

Misses from dice rolls. “The very obvious one would be that you tend to miss a lot when you roll the dice, which is fine when you’re playing on the tabletop, but it’s not so cool when you’re playing a video game,” Vincke said. “We had to have solutions for that.”

One thing in particular is that they never make comparisons with previous games, nor make any references (When they asked about what ending of the baalspawn saga they will use they do not even remembered =P ), and they said repeatedly that the prelude of BG3 is based in D&D campaigns, not in the story of BG1&2. I think that their priorities do not seem to include particulars from the classic saga, sadly.

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