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You know, I'm a fan of the original BG and love RTwP. However, I just tried out a new Kickstarter game that is turn-based like DOS. Solasta crown of the magister. It is using the complete 5e ruleset and has a really nice feel to it (part of it is using light, options like pushing enemies off clifts or dropping objects on them. Using the surroundings and light etc. I actually enjoyed the demo a lot and seeing the 5e ruleset in full online play. I also enjoyed DOS but it never felt "serious" enough to be a DnD contender like BG should be.

With that said, I am now completely open to the turn-based, especially if they include a GM mode for tabletop play with friends after finishing the campaign. If they match the feel (or exceed it) then I think I can be fully converted to turn-based combat.

Either way, I think I'm going to be happy. I'm more concerned too if it will feel like a real DnD experience or if it will be more cartoony like DOS. I trust Larian to make this good either way, they definitely have passion and skill.

We see the kind of visuals we can expect in BG3 in the trailer which is very different from DOS2.

And yeah Solasta is very fun, TB for the win.