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You know, I'm a fan of the original BG and love RTwP. However, I just tried out a new Kickstarter game that is turn-based like DOS. Solasta crown of the magister. It is using the complete 5e ruleset and has a really nice feel to it (part of it is using light, options like pushing enemies off clifts or dropping objects on them. Using the surroundings and light etc. I actually enjoyed the demo a lot and seeing the 5e ruleset in full online play. I also enjoyed DOS but it never felt "serious" enough to be a DnD contender like BG should be.

With that said, I am now completely open to the turn-based, especially if they include a GM mode for tabletop play with friends after finishing the campaign. If they match the feel (or exceed it) then I think I can be fully converted to turn-based combat.

Either way, I think I'm going to be happy. I'm more concerned too if it will feel like a real DnD experience or if it will be more cartoony like DOS. I trust Larian to make this good either way, they definitely have passion and skill.

Kudos to you, I also downloaded the demo in steam and the game looks great. I look forward to backing if they promise that there will be more races and classes.