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I hate that part about RPGs especially in DND, I prefer grounded stories where the player is just a guy trying to survive in a dangerous world. I really hope that you are not some chosen one in BG3 but just a skilled adventurer or a guy who was just in the wrong place at the wrong time like in Divinity 2, where you only become a Dragon because you were simply the first guy the Talana found.(Divinity 2 has the best story in the franchise!)

Same (well, on both points, ED/D2 is still my favourite of the series). I'm never really a fan of the whole chosen one, godlike sort of character, I'd rather just be me, bumbling about and discovering things. The more awesome my character becomes the less connected I feel to them, and once you end up with a TES-style head of every guild thrown in too it just makes the world feel a much smaller place.

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