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Swen Vincke himself has said repeatedly that some things in D&D don't translate well to a video game and as such those things should be changed. Well, the #1 D&D thing that doesn't translate well to a video game is TB combat. So, by Swen's own logic, it should be changed, because in a video game TB combat is mind-numbingly slow, boring, tedious, aggravating, un-fun crap. But of course it won't be changed because TB is what's "cool" with today's generation of mentally lazy people, and we will be getting a crappy TB combat game.

I'm not a fan of TB, but I suspect this line of reasoning will generate more heat than light; not least as it's pretty much exactly the same argument employed by fans of srs rpg* against the menace of Teh Casuals who are compromising video games' intellectual purity.

Edit: * the fraternity who are pretty much "TB or GTFO" I mean. Not that I'm an arbiter of anything, given that I reckon Oblivion is at least the equal of Morrowind (okay, with mods) and both are better than Skyrim; New Vegas isn't as good as people say; and that Andromeda is second only to Mass Effect in the overall series.

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