Albeit I agree with the idea of a low-level campaign, I do not think 10 LVL is the adequate limit. I found TOEE and the 10-lvl limit very restrictive. It was better with the "unlimited level" mod. It was tolerable in BG because you already have bg2 to keep playing. Not much higher than lvl 10-15, and that would be the endgame though.

Remember Ulraunt? The leader of Candlekeep? I think he was just a 7th level Mage. :P Lord Nasher Alagondar, the ruler of Neverwinter, is just a 12th level Fighter. In Murder in B; Abdel Adrian (the supposed baalspawn hero of BG) is a lvl 10 fighter.
Even a 3rd level adventurer would already be considered a seasoned veteran, worthy of high pay in a mercenary unit. The leaders of such bands are usually about 5th level, hardened veterans of many campaigns. The Grand Druid, the "ruler" of all the druids in the WORLD, is 14th level (although hierophant druids exist, they typically devote themselves to more global concerns and do not bother with the workings of politics).

As a general rule, any adventurer that's higher than 10th level is already a figure of renown, a household name. Anyone higher than 15th level is a figure of legend, somebody whose deeds bards will sing of for centuries, and anybody 20th level or higher is basically so powerful they start to consort with deities and planar figures on a personal basis.

Most D&Dvideogames rush you through the first levels (In D&D lvl 1-3 characters are very fragile), like in a starter set prior to a campaign, but I hope that is not the case in BG3.

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