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Swen Vincke himself has said repeatedly that some things in D&D don't translate well to a video game and as such those things should be changed. Well, the #1 D&D thing that doesn't translate well to a video game is TB combat. So, by Swen's own logic, it should be changed, because in a video game TB combat is mind-numbingly slow, boring, tedious, aggravating, un-fun crap. But of course it won't be changed because TB is what's "cool" with today's generation of mentally lazy people, and we will be getting a crappy TB combat game.

I belive he was talking about specific spells or abilities like Wish. Something like that is just impossible in a game to give the same freedom as at the table. The Suggestion spell would be another example that will have to be restricted, hopefully you will at least be able to use Suggestion in conversations for premade options it provide.

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But IMHO D&D 5e have some mechanics that are simply not manageable in RT nor RTwP (reactions, help, delay, bonus actions, etc, etc, just find lots of examples in this thread) Even game developers like the ones of Solasta addressed that. And any player with a minimum knowledge of the tabletop knows about it. But I do not think Larian is going for a perfect adaptation, and even Miles Myers of WotC accepted that; they are open to change things.

I agree that 5e gameplay working in a smooth way might be difficult to implement. Having reactions go of asking if you wish to activate this and that will probobly be awful. Reducing perfect control for players by implementing automated triggers might be a way to solve it. For counterspell they could let players decide "use this if enemy casts 3;rd level or higher spell or a healing spell." as an example. I dont see any problem with bonus actions / free actions etc.