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I would be cool if we can have more than 5 posts in a row making a reasoned case instead of ad-hominem arguments "Wut I like is da best and the others are retards/fanboys and the companies that do not do da games I like are shit"

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From the business perspective of wizards of the coast, i don't see RTWP making much sense.
They would please some fans of the old games if going for RTWP, but that isn't to profitable compared to capitalizing on the surge of new people in the hobby that has been exposed to DnD from the likes of Critical Role. Since turn based would be a lot more faitful to the actual 5e roleplaying game then RTWP, I think advertising to players that you can experience 5e by playing Baldurs Gate 3 is a much better idea then going for RTWP to please some of the old fans.
It would work the other way as well, people that has not played the pen and paper game, might get more intrested in doing so after playing Baldurs Gate 3, if its turn based.

Also, why would Wizards say that Larian is the perfect studio for the job, if they are not planning for turn based, when Larian is known for turn based.

Why not both? Some have asked. Well its a lot more work ofc. But if you look at the tacked on Turn based from Pillars 2, that dosent go over to well. Some of the combat mechanics like incresed attack speed dosent work in turn based, it just make you go first in a turn, wich isn't that huge. The engame bosses are extremly slow fights because they are made for a system where attacks happen much more rapidly. When doing turn based you need to design the game for it, removing useless trash fights, and instead have mostly intresting, harder fights. And having to powerful healing so fights go on forever isn't a good idea.

So I don't think we'll see both systems either.

In the interview, Swen already stated combat is not up for debate. Also said BG3 will only have 1 combat system but he didn't say which system.
: https://www.gamestar.de/artikel/baldurs-gate-3-erstes-gameplay-video-gamescom-kampfsystem,3345782.html

If we are talking business, here is the list of best-selling RPG games and RPG franchises of all time: 60% of the videogames with most players are turn-based, 70% of the most successful franchises are turn-based or had turn-based games at some point. Most of them still have titles in 2019. The three indisputable best-selling franchises of all time are mostly turn-based games.


I do not say that those games there are the "best RPG there is" and there is also many action and good RTwP videogames in the list, but we can say TB in videogames is a success. You can also cater to D&D fans but the TB games, in general, have a very large audience too. The sales figures of recent TB games (Persona, Fire Emblem, Dragon Quest, DoS2, etc) vs the low sales of RTwP games also confirms this tendency.

In the case of PoE2, they created the TB option because of the abysmal sales figures that this game had from the start, so they do not planned it first, indeed (A pity the sales of that game because that was one of the games in my top20 CRPG list, and I think it will be for a long time). Even Pathfinder kingmaker has a mod that turns the game into a TB game (IIRC in Owlcat games they had an intense debate prior to the launch of the game RTwP vs TB, more polite than here, I hope).

From my perspective, RTwP or TB depends on the type of game. If you are for a grinding game with respawning enemies when you have to fight the same enemies with different colors a hundred times, by all means, make it RTwP or it is going to be awfully everlasting! If there is a set number of tactical fights and scripted interactions I prefer TB because in RT you usually do not have time to find about it nor enjoy it.

The use of RTwP mechanic with D&D 2e, 3.5e or Pathfinder 1e gave us very great games, and they created masterpieces; VTMB have a very good game and another one in the making, and I think making a TB videogame of V:TM is a very bad idea, innecessary. The devs did not even consider it.
But IMHO D&D 5e have some mechanics that are simply not manageable in RT nor RTwP (reactions, help, delay, bonus actions, etc, etc, just find lots of examples in this thread) Even game developers like the ones of Solasta addressed that. And any player with a minimum knowledge of the tabletop knows about it. But I do not think Larian is going for a perfect adaptation, and even Miles Myers of WotC accepted that; they are open to change things.

You mean Mike Mearls? I agree with just about all of this, although if there is any white wolf game with TB, I'd want it to be Chronicles of Darkness not World of Darkness as I like Chronicles of Darkness better, a game based on Changeling: The Lost or Geist: The Sin Eater would be awesome, perhaps darker then most audiences are used to as Changeling are all victims of abuse and hunted and all kinds of other nasty things, and Sin Eaters deal with the horrors of death and an uneotld that wants to eat you.