I made a search for the terms <"TB is the one true way for combat in an RPG, the "best", the "most appropriate", the "most authentic"> in this thread and your post was the one and only result every time, but whatever floats your boat, pal.

You have to excuse me, but when you say "just have the Ai run the combat", ¿are you really say it is a pro for RTWP vs TB? Because in every game I played in RTwP besides BG2&IWD2 I killed all the random encounters and trash mobs with the ia in auto-combat and making a coffee or chatting in wattsapp. Be P:K, BG, POE, Tyranny, DAO, Divinity classics... You only need to take control vs minibosses, bosses and some difficult encounters. Ah, BG2 and V:TM redemption, because the IA was so awful that used all the blood at once and make all the party go blood frenzy. Good times.
If you want to sell RTwP, just say "more dynamic combat" "requires split-in-time decisions", etc, etc, but do not try to pitch that the player input is not required because you are going to lose in every comparison.

And you really need to tell me what TB games you play, because the only games I know that use IA are JRPG. And it usually is not a very good one. The IA in Fire emblem games, Tactics ogre, FF tactics, etc is not very good. Even if you want to use it, you usually control what unit you want to level up, so it requires micromanagement. And your frontline fighters tend to charge blindlessly and let themselves be surrounded and killed.

I do not think in Dragon quest or Lunar silver star, bravely second or Sword or shin megami tensei or legend of heroes, grandia, Final fantasy VI-X.... the Ia is particularly good. At least I do not use it.

The dungeon crawlers, like Etrian Oddysey, Infinite adventures, Operencia, elminage gothic, etc have an autoattack option too, but you end up dead in a few fights unless you are fighting very inferior mobs.

The western TB games I know, from Underrrail to fallout 1-2, Arcanum, Battle Chasers: Nightwar, all the King´s bounty, Warhammer:Mordheim, Age of decadence, Torment, This is the police 1&2, All the Demon rise games, Dead age, Dead state, Dungeon Rats, Azure saga, forged of blood, knights of the chalice, Divinity OS 1&2, Eien no Aselia, Anachronox, Regalia, Xcom 1&2, Mutant Y0, Hard west, Labyrinth of refrain, TOEE, POR, ... Do not even have a proper IA.

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