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I made a search for the terms <"TB is the one true way for combat in an RPG, the "best", the "most appropriate", the "most authentic"> in this thread and your post was the one and only result every time, but whatever floats your boat, pal.

I never said people used those exact words. Those words were my words, my characterization of what many on the pro-TB side were saying or implying. But whatever. Seems like you are bent on misrepresenting my points and then making straw man claims against me.

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No one cares about sales figures from ancient franchises. Claiming that Turn-based RPGs are the best selling RPGs is simply wrong FF hasn't been turn-based since the early nineties. If Larian cares only about the money they have to make an open-world Action RPG aka TES clone those games sold tens of millions of copies, only the Pokemon games sold better in the last 2 generations and Pokemon is something else entirely.

I completely agree with this, and have pointed this out myself before. If the argument is that Larian will want to design the game to maximize sales, then making the game very similar to games like Skyrim/Witcher 3/DA3 would be the way to go - all RT(wP) games. Using TB is not about what works best in an RPG or what works best for D&D or even what will sell more. Those are specious arguments. TB is Larian's personal, subjective preference. And it is the personal, subjective preference of the fans of Larian's recent games. All the justifications that are being tossed about for why the game should be TB are just complete BS. If someone says they're glad the game is going to be TB because that is their personal preference, I respect that and am fine with that. Everyone is entitled to their personal preferences. But don't try to tell me TB is how it should be.