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Perhaps the combat system will be in the vein of this game?
Seems to have sold just fine. On another note, I'm not sure that Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire's poor sales have anything to do with RTwP combat. I beat the first game and felt it was pretty lackluster so I stayed well away from the sequel. It was a cute homage to Baldur's Gate but when judged on its own merits it fell rather flat because the setting didn't prove compelling enough for me. The characters, the world, the lore, I mean everything was by and large forgettable.

Exactly right. There are several reasons why PoE2 did not sell that well (and noting that it actually sold ok; just not "great" as defined by D:OS2 sales numbers). The game being RTwP was NOT one of those reasons. Claiming that adding TB mode boosted sales hugely is a complete fallacy. TB mode only increased sales marginally, and even that is a loaded claim because TB mode came at about the same time as the game's release on consoles, and as such the additional sales could just as easily have been driven by console sales.

I personally found the game's setting and lore and characters to be awesome (and conversely the setting, lore and characters of the D:OS games to be weak and boring). But for others, you @korotama being a good example, it was the other way around. Purely personal preference. That's just how things are.

Oh, I should have pointed out I played Pillars of Eternity prior to beating the Bhaalspawn saga. It only falls flat in hindsight because after completing BG I began holding virtually every RPG to its standards. Narrative-wise most games (including role-playing ones) seem weak and feel like a downgrade from BG to me. My gaming habits were fundamentally changed at that point (quit gaming for all intents and purposes, these days I only replay BG and fiddle around with the old Infinity Engine stuff). Okay, I may be exaggerating. I'm playing FFVIII:Cash Grab Edition right now for a stroll down nostalgia/memory lane.

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