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Sadly the BG saga and Planescape Torment "ruined" every other RPG´s story in existence for most of us... there are not many titles that resist the comparison.

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No one cares about sales figures from ancient franchises. Claiming that Turn-based RPGs are the best selling RPGs is simply wrong FF hasn't been turn-based since the early nineties. If Larian cares only about the money they have to make an open-world Action RPG aka TES clone those games sold tens of millions of copies, only the Pokemon games sold better in the last 2 generations and Pokemon is something else entirely.

If we follow your logic they should make a Pokemon: Sword coast conversion instead of a D&D simulator, because Pokemon games have more sales than TES by far (Please NO).

I think you forgot conveniently the third best-selling franchise, Dragon quest, 76 millions worldwide ( doubles the witchers sales, 26 million more than Elder scrolls games). Dragon Quest XI, launched in 2019 sold 4 million copies worlwide, and they are still TB games. And let us talk about Shin megami tensei, Persona, Octopath traveler, Ni no kuni, The "Tales of" series etc... All games from no more than 2 years ago, all TB games and all with over a million sales. even DOS games in their niche had respetable sales.

No matter the prejudices or personal tastes, when you start crunching numbers you can see that no matter what you think or say, TB is a thing. Numbers do not lie.
Action and TB existed since almost the beginning of the history of videogames, and both will be here for a long time, because there are plenty of people that like them.

I wish my old system could run Dragon Quest XI. It looks like a great little romp. As stated a few pages back, I could bear with turn-based combat if the camera shots were as dynamic and diverse as this: https://youtu.be/-7FyEJQJUVA?t=53

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