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DOS2 made 85 million dollars and that was without the huge brand recognition that D&D 5e, Baldur's Gate, and the Forgotten Realms has. It was a turn based.

Also Larian used Kickstarter to allow themselves to self publish so they could make the game they wanted, which was a turn based game, unlike many if the preDOS1&2 games where they could only get funding for none turn based games. So it's not just money it's a personal preference thing.

Swen denied that long ago! source: https://www.pcgamer.com/pubg-tops-premium-pc-digital-market-with-714-million-in-2017/

"If only that were true," he said. "I don’t know where they got that data but we’re currently at 1.3M units, so even if you disregard VAT, the cut Steam and GOG take, and the price differences per country (i.e. you assume we sell the game at $45 everywhere), you still don’t get to $85 million. My faith in Superdata numbers received a big blow today. But that doesn’t take away that we’re still super happy about so many people picking up D:OS 2."

Superdata explained the discrepancy in a follow-up statement saying that its estimates are "based on partnerships with publishers, developers and payment providers," which enable the creation of "bottom-up algorithms for individual games based on the point of sale tracking data of over 160 million paying customers."

"Occasionally we see differences in definitions and recognition for revenue—for example, when people are reporting gross vs net revenue (SuperData is always gross), deferred revenue, non-GAAP accounting practices, and other allocations which may show different figures depending on the source. For compliance reasons, we also don't typically comment on feedback from private companies—who may be motivated by investor concerns—outside of a formal data relationship," a rep said. "However, Divinity: Original Sin 2 was a breakout success in 2017—commercially and critically—and we congratulate Larian."

THANK YOU @Hawke!!! Some people like to talk about D:OS2 as though it's the coming of the messiah. Even if we assume sales now are about 2M, which is quite generous, (a) the old BG games made 20 years ago have put up similar numbers, and (b) that's nothing compared with major AAA RPG titles. And making a AAA game is what Larian is aspiring to with BG3. If they believe making the game TB is all it will take to make the game a AAA-level success, because that's the line a handful of TB fanatics on this or other forums are frantically pushing, they're in for a rude shock.

For me, my calculation on whether the game is something I will buy is very simple. If as expected the game is TB, that's a huge strike against it but not an absolute one. Given that TB combat is 'want to drive an icepick through my brain' boring for me, I would ask myself: If I could magically remove all the (boring and horrible) combat from the game, is what is left of the game worth my money and especially my time to want to play? Combat, even under the best of circumsances, is my least liked part of an RPG. It's all the things that happen outside of combat in the game that are interesting to me and which motivate me to want to play the game. So it is possible, even if difficult to accomplish, that a game could have horrible combat (from my pov) but still be attractive to me because (a) combat is only a small part of the game and not the majority of the game; and (b) the outside of combat parts of the game are absolutely fantastic.