I do not think that BG3 would look like that, mostly because in Dragon quest you cannot move in the battlefield. For BG3 they promised environment interactions, a combat based in D&D5e rules, etc.
ED: The previous DoS games had isometric 3D view, and they said they are going to use the DOS Larian game engine 4.0 to make BG3 so I do not think they took a step behind. https://fextralife.com/baldurs-gate-3-interview-with-larian-and-wizards-of-the-coast/

I like the Dragon Quest game series very much, but If you want a more dinamic TB combat I will take the example of "Battle chasers: nightwar" or "The Last Remnant" or some other titles, like grandia or "tales of" series.
You have camera changes, taunts in battle, cool battle music, reactions in the enemy´s turn, etc. Makes a more enjoyable experience.

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