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I do not think that BG3 would look like that, mostly because in Dragon quest you cannot move in the battlefield. For BG3 they promised environment interactions, a combat based in D&D5e rules, etc.

I like the Dragon Quest game series very much, but If you want a more dinamic TB combat I will take the example of "Battle chasers: nightwar" or "The Last Remnant" or some other titles, like grandia or "tales of" series.
You have camera changes, taunts in battle, cool battle music, reactions in the enemy´s turn, etc. Makes a more enjoyable experience.

Yeah I actually mentioned Battlechasers as a vivid example of intense TB combat a couple pages back but The Last Remnant takes the cake hands down. Played that one too. Heck, if BG3 is going to be Mad Max in Hell, will the soundtrack also contain rock and metal? Tiny nuts and bolts can make all the difference after all especially when it comes to repetitiveness.