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Dark Envoy is going Turned based Combat as well.

RT exploration, TB combat and Coop Mp (and a mode 1 vs 1 when one of the players is the final boss ¿?). Another one, like Realms Beyond (Based on Open D&D 3.5 and already funded), Solasta (D&D 5e) , Wasteland 3, Dark crystal Tactics, Phoenix point, etc. Looks like it´s trending right now.

Black geyser is still RTwP, tho. I do not think they are going to change it now.

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Man, since the confirmation that this title even existed it's almost baffling how stingy of any real information Larian has been.
They went through E3, Gamescom and PAX with literally nothing to show or confirm about its structure, making their public apparitions rather awkward for how pointless and inconstant they felt.

It makes almost the impression that the reveal itself was some sort of premature ejaculation and they have very little to say about it in the first place.

Pretty simple... They saw how many fans didn't want TB, realized they did not want to lose thousands of pre-order sales, and are now scrambling to add RTwP.

Or.... they could have read this forum and realized the exact opposite, and are currently adding a TB mode to make more people happy.

It is not only in this forum, tho. I was surprised by the polls in the forums I know. Its 50-50% in most of them. I never thought that a thing like that will be cause a debate. I thought the lore and the story will be more controversial. Maybe it is because Swen Vincke and company do not gave much information.

I think in the end, no matter what combat they chose, someone is going to make a mod with the opposite combat type like they did in P:K. XD

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