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So let me get this straight you belive that Divinity Original Sin 2 which sold more than 2.5 million copies would have sold more than 5million with an optional RTWP mode? Because I really doubt that.

Not that I'm particularly invested in the discussion or interested in an argument of any sort, but I'm just pointing out that there's a difference there. DOS2 is Larian's own thing, they could do whatever they wanted to, going with whatever formulas or systems they came up with. Other than the core things that worked well in DOS, they didn't have to worry too much about sticking with anything specific. On the contrary, BG3 is "supposedly" the successor of a classic series. There are veterans and fans, and hell, there are fanatics too, of the original games who *expect*, *want*, and *demand* certain things from this game. It's only to be expected that a number of players will be turned off if certain aspects diverge too far from those in the original games.

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