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Dark Envoy is going Turned based Combat as well.

The Dark Eye: Book of Heroes, which is based on a TT RPG system, is going RTwP. Not much of a TB trend if at all. Seems like it's primarily the D&D-based games (Realms Beyond, Solasta, BG3) that are going TB.

List of some of the TB RPG games in the making only in 2019 (a few of them already launched):

Trails of cold Steel III, Divinity: Fallen Heroes, Wasteland 3, Realms Beyond, Solasta, Stygian: Reign of the Old Ones, Disgaea 4, Tale of Ronin, Ash of gods: Redemption; Dark Crystal Tactics, Forged of Blood, The Hand of Merlin, Overland, Ultimate Adom, Othercide, Indivisible, Project Sakura Wars,Broken lines, Iron Danger, Edge of eternity, Unsung Story: Tale of the Guardians, Romancing Saga, Soul Saga, Utarerumono: Prelude to the fallen, Dungeon of Naheulbeuk: The amulet of chaos, Crist Tales, Wildermyth: Stories of the Yondering Lands, We are the Plague, Eidolons: Nethergate, Encased, Heralds of the Order, Knights of the Chalice, RAM Pressure, Broken Lines, Grand Guilds, Tenderfoot Tactics, The Protagonist, Arcadian Atlas, Alder’s Blood, ColonyShip-4: Survivors, Guile & Glory: Firstborn, Monster Sanctuary, Rising Lords,...


Some promising RTwP titles too: Black geyser or The Dark eye: Book of Heroes. I loved the Drakensang titles based in TDE (also RTwP, but uses a isometric 3rd person view similar to Dragon age games),

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The thing is you really can't compare all the other CRPG in recent years with BG3. Since they were all done by small teams with Indie budgets. BG3 seems to have a budget that at least is in the upper AA area. The CGI trailer, they made must have cost a small fortune(the studio who made it usually works for AAA studios like Ubisoft and Sony!!!) which should give us an idea of how much money Larian is willing to spend on this game. So I highly doubt Larian cares about these small teams are doing, the same way Activision doesn't care about Indie shooters like Insuregeny are doing.

I certainly hope they find inspiration or ideas in those indie games if they need outside input, not in AAA RPG games like Pokemon or Monster hunter...

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