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The thing is you really can't compare all the other CRPG in recent years with BG3. Since they were all done by small teams with Indie budgets. BG3 seems to have a budget that at least is in the upper AA area. The CGI trailer, they made must have cost a small fortune(the studio who made it usually works for AAA studios like Ubisoft and Sony!!!) which should give us an idea of how much money Larian is willing to spend on this game. So I highly doubt Larian cares about these small teams are doing, the same way Activision doesn't care about Indie shooters like Insuregeny are doing.

Agreed. From what I've been able to read about it, seems like the money they're putting up would qualify it as a AAA game. Which then also means they will want sales in the tens of millions which is an order of magnitude greater than D:OS2 sales. That's why I doubt the game will be isometric. I think it will be third-person, and likely to also have some action elements to it (though not a fullblown ARPG). And certainly very fancy graphics.

Re. the "ragin' debate," I still feel they may surprise us and use a combat system that is not RTwP but not quite TB either.