*Just in case* this is not a troll post...

Theoretically speaking, your question can only be properly answered by someone who's actually working on the job, who has a good idea just exactly how *challenging* their task is, and how good their team is for said task. But of course, that person would never say Yes to your question.

Some who have a lot of faith in Larian will say "no matter what they will make an excellent game". I guess they will answer your question with No.

Others will probably say "I don't know", or something lengthier but with the same implication. Larian is a good team, definitely. They have proved themselves with their DOS games. But, they have never made a *Baldur's Gate* game. To make a game that meet ALL the expectations, a game truly worthy of the title BG3, a game that can please the dozen different groups of fans looking forward to this game, is a very EXTREMELY challenging task. There is plenty of room to "fail hard", but then it also depends on the team.

What I think? This game will be either very, VERY good, or bad. Either a 10, or a 7. Give or take. It won't be an 8.0 and it won't be a 9.0.

"We make our choices and take what comes and the rest is void."