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Yeah, and just like the last time so too here you are misrepresenting what I am saying. I never said anything about it being partially one and the other. I am talking about a system that takes one OR the other and then makes some technology-based changes to it to make it more palatable to those who don't like that type of system. In Realms Beyond, for example, the devs have talked about having an option to completely skip over the animations for the enemy and even for your party as a way of speeding things up. They have also said you can set up AI profiles for your party members and then have the AI auto-resolve combats for you, a feature I intend to use a lot. But the feature I am thinking of that Larian could potentially use, in a TB system, is to allow me to input the actions for all of my party members all at once and then have the AI resolve everything simultaneously. This way I won't have to suffer through the usual tedium and irritation of a sequence of turn-taking.

How did I misrepresent what you said when you just now clarified what you said, and it still doesn't make any sense?

I don't care how much you tweak it or how little player input responsibility there is, if you program the game so when enemies are on screen (combat mode begins) and everything stops and waits for input, IT'S NOT RTWP.

Also, AI profiles were in the previous titles. They worked fine in DnD 2.0, 3.0, 3.5. There's no reason they can't work again. 5.0 doesn't have some mandatory question and answer mode they have to replicate, does it? I didn't think so.