Is there a way to use this editor to recover/create lost quest items? I somehow lost the Reveal spell.

Using another save editor that I can only get to work on extracting my save and not repackaging (even if I do not change any values), I did manage to find its record in a much older save:

<node id="Item">
<attribute id="Translate" value="230.667 20.9093 117.487" type="12" />
<attribute id="Flags" value="295896" type="5" />
<attribute id="Level" value="" type="22" />
<attribute id="Rotate" value=" 0.92 -0.03 0.40 &#xD;&#xA;-0.02 0.99 0.12 &#xD;&#xA;-0.40 -0.11 0.91 &#xD;&#xA;" type="15" />
<attribute id="Scale" value="1" type="6" />
<attribute id="Global" value="True" type="19" />
<attribute id="Velocity" value="0 0 0" type="12" />
<attribute id="GoldValueOverwrite" value="-1" type="4" />
<attribute id="UnsoldGenerated" value="False" type="19" />
<attribute id="IsKey" value="False" type="19" />
<attribute id="TreasureGenerated" value="False" type="19" />
<attribute id="CurrentTemplate" value="f5f1b0b9-6059-49ef-894b-3585404dcf85" type="22" />
<attribute id="CurrentTemplateType" value="1" type="1" />
<attribute id="OriginalTemplate" value="f5f1b0b9-6059-49ef-894b-3585404dcf85" type="22" />
<attribute id="OriginalTemplateType" value="1" type="1" />
<attribute id="Stats" value="Quest_CYS_Evelyns_Reveal_Spell" type="22" />
<attribute id="IsGenerated" value="False" type="19" />
<attribute id="Inventory" value="0" type="5" />
<attribute id="Parent" value="335610250" type="5" />
<attribute id="Slot" value="58" type="3" />
<attribute id="Amount" value="1" type="4" />
<attribute id="Key" value="" type="22" />
<attribute id="LockLevel" value="1" type="4" />
<attribute id="SurfaceCheckTimer" value="0" type="6" />
<attribute id="Vitality" value="-1" type="4" />
<attribute id="LifeTime" value="0" type="6" />
<attribute id="owner" value="67174790" type="5" />
<attribute id="ItemType" value="Common" type="22" />
<attribute id="MaxVitalityPatchCheck" value="-1" type="4" />
<node id="ItemMachine">
<attribute id="Type" value="6" type="4" />
<node id="ItemState">
<attribute id="TransactionID" value="10299" type="5" />
<node id="VariableManager" />
<node id="StatusManager" />