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Thus I need smart AI to carry out orders and almost all attempts at this imo have failed. Imo the two need to be paired together RtwP with good AI, if it is definable by the user or the game does it well.

Can't agree more - and it brings me to MY main criticism of real time. If you're relying on AI to control 3/4 of your party in a party based game - then you are missing out on 3/4 of the combat experience. The only time I enjoy real time is if I can keep pauses to a minimum... which means I have to solo or run 3 beaters that I can actually trust the AI with. Personally I don't want a party based game that is tuned for solo and I would never trust an AI on a caster class. A turn based system that respects your time fixes all of those problems.

Same here. I have tried so many times to play RtwP games, I want to like them, because the story is probobly great, but combat is just so god damn bad it's almost unplayable. It's like "Lets do Turn Based, except -pulling out your hair- levels of annoying!" One of the worst gameplay systems i've ever encountered, it's up there with quick time events. If Larian makes BG3 into RtwP I hope they do it relly well, so maybe I can start enjoying those types of games more. Altho i don't see them doing it for many reasons. Imagine playing with friends, everyone constantly pausing, what a nightmere.

Jeez, what RTwP games have you guys been playing?