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It doesnt. Its tedious.

Well if you want to look at it that way. *shrug*.

I'm no world level RTS player, but I'm decent at games like AoE, AoM, Rise of Nations, Total War. I enjoyed them a lot too. What about you?

That said, I don't know how bringing in RTS games in here proves anything. If you gives each of those 200 dudes 30 spells, 10 types of potions, 5 special abilities, 6 item abilities, a bunch of spare weapons and rings and belts, I bet you'd want to be able to pause the game too. On the other hand, if in BG2 instead of controlling 6 dudes I have to control 200 dudes but all 200 of them are exactly the same "click-and-basic-attack" meat shield minions, while having the ability to keep spawning more of them from some base, then chances are I wouldn't need to pause either.

This argument is so effing stupid lmao.

Both BG and BG2 must be tedious beyond all hope then, because generally you have to pause a lot in these games. *Google "best RPG's of all times" lists" => *BG2 at #2-#3 in all of them*. Yeeaaahh riiiight. Boring as #$&@. Well you can keep hating. This whole series's got enough fans all over the world, we don't need you.

PS: remind me why you're here again?

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