yes? Was this supposed to be some gotcha? i say this because i enjoy RTS quite a bit, especialy the likes of Supreme commander, WBC, Dawn of war, AoX, Age of Empires 2 even tho im not a big fan of that series, and of coruse the allmighty spellforce series that somehow managed to both be a good RTS and a party based real time RPG with phenominally better controll schemes than RTWP games ever had.
Oh yeah and total war but id argue thats a genre of its own

my argument is actually more valid than yours.
Again, an RTS game doenst let you pause, RTWP does. its irrelevant how many abilities youve got in an RTWP game as you have as long as you want to actually use them, there is no skill involved in managing characters with tons of abilities, as you can take your time with it, it adds tedium, not complexity.

Not to mention that you wont have 6 characters that do these things, youll have 2 or 3. Your fighter, your ranger and your rogue are going to be in auto attack mode all combat, with your Wizard, your cleric and your druid doing the actual casting.

Im not sure if you play a lot of RTS games, since in most RTS games, having 200 identical dudes probably means you are going to lose, especialy older ones around the time warcraft 3 came out, im thinking of games like Armies of Exigo, warlords battlecry, spellforce 1 and 2, thats games in which almost all non basic units have abilities that need tobe used, Dawn of War is another example, not to mention company of heroes where you gotta watch firing cones and whatnot.

And thatsnot even counting having to manage your economy at the same time.

I made this argument in comparison. What you claim RTWP does, RTWP does not. RTS does. RTWP does not stress you wiht having to controll a lot of units, it annoys you by constantly having to babysit them.

And yet again, you hate filled little bag of bile, i dont say i dislike infinity engine games, im saying your argument is wrong. which it demonstrably is.
I liked these games, i played these games, but i didnt like em becuase RTWP combat, and im farily sure most people that love Baldurs Gate dont do so because of the combat system.
Just like people who love oblivion dont love it for its graphics.