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there is no skill involved in managing characters with tons of abilities, as you can take your time with it, it adds tedium, not complexity.

having 200 identical dudes probably means you are going to lose.

Yet being able to take your time to consider your options is exactly the same thing TB does. But somehow it's tedious in RTWP but not in TB??

The difference here is in RTWP you need to be able to realize all the things that happen in a fight when all combatants make actions at the same time. It takes understanding of how combat works in general if you want to keep track of everything that's going on and how to *effectively* react to it all, when there are two mages and two clerics casting different spells at the same time, while an assassin backstabbing your own mages and another one or two bruisers pressure your team. That kind of thing. It's not about "being able to take as much time as you need".

Sure, let's play this little game. Let's say I have 200 dudes. 40 of them are counter-infantry archers, 60 of them are counter-archer infantry, 40 of them are counter-cavalry infantry, 40 of them are counter-infantry cavalry, 20 of them are ballistae. All this doesn't change a single thing I said: they are all click-and-attack expendable minions. Sure, you move them around, you position them, you target the right targets with them. But you don't have to select the right spell, drink the right potion, put on the right gear, etc. etc., for each of them. And, you can keep spawning more and more of them at base. You don't have to resurrect each of them at a temple or cast Resurrection on them.

I like how you keep making completely irrelevant "arguments" while thinking you are being convincing.

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And thatsnot even counting having to manage your economy at the same time.

Yeah I know. It usually boils down to selecting the right building and hitting the right hotkey as quickly as you can, which you should be able to do after playing the game long enough.

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