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You're delusional if you really believe that a game that plays exactly like Baldurs Gate 2 would be more successful than a coop friendly. I am honestly shocked that there are still CRPG devs around that to not include Coop at all in their games after the resounding success of DOS 2. Even a bad coop mod is better than having none at all. And I say this as someone who rarely plays Coop.
I really would like to know if Swen actually believes that Stadia will be a success or if he just likes getting money from Google? (who doesn't?)

I'm delusional...?

Where did I say it has to have no co-op mode at all?

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We know almost nothing about BG3, but they already stated that it will have co-op multiplayer, and stadia no less so it is a fact.

Again, I never stated it wouldn't, or that it shouldn't have a co-op mode.

In point of fact I always fully expected it to.