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The best part of RTWP is the sense of immediacy you don't get in a turn-based game. the issue is always the micromanaging but that is the challenge in RTWP it's why people like it. Since you feel like a leader who has to manage formations in real-time and make sure everyone is doing what he should do. Personally, I have never seemed that as tedious but then again I grew up with RTS games in the nineties and early 2000s

@Hawke, once again you're exactly right. Managing my party, setting up fighting formations, making sure everyone is doing their part, and all of that in RT w/ minimal pausing, this is exactly what makes combat interesting and exciting and immersive and challenging for me. It is about as far from tedious as anything can possibly be, and, by contrast, what makes TB so utterly boring and tedious and stupid for me. In TB, combat becomes a pain-in-the-ass chore part of the game, something to get through as quickly as possible because it is the sucky crappy part of the game.