Everyone that's saying you can play the BG games in real time, if you have skill, gotta upload a vid of them beating Melissan on insane without cheesing rests or pausing. Once you've done that, think about how many times you reloaded and tell me it wasn't tedious with a straight face. And after that, realize you're an unstoppable god behind a keyboard and us filthy casuals want something we can enjoy too.

I have quite a few hours on both BG and D:OS series. Every fight in the BG series is either mind-numbingly easy or equally mind-numbingly tedious - with rare few exceptions. Every fight in D:OS makes me think about what I want to do - without me wanting to bash my face off the keyboard in frustration... which is desirable. I don't know if you can attribute that to the combat system or the development or the fact that the BG series is simply 16 years more dated. But, hey, that's just my experience.