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- So the bottom line is, I get that there are different types of players. Some really only play for the story. But honestly, sometimes people complain a game is boring or whatever, yet they can't be bothered to try and find out if there is a way to make the game more fun for them and also can't be bothered to try and get better at the game they're playing, either.

If a game design require you to play in a certain way that is both harder and not what is intended gameplay, to be more fun. Do you really expect people, who already find it boring, to bother to get so familiar with the game that they can play it in such a manner? Thats ridiculous.

You know your own personal feelings are just that. Just because you hate RTWP does not mean you have a right to declare that it's a bad system even there are people who enjoy it. Seems to be common among the turn-based fraction while most RTWP fans can enjoy turn-based combat, the TB fans will stop at nothing to make RTWP seems like a bad system when it was used in so many great beloved games that by their definition are all crap, just because they use a system that you don't like.
Is it really so hard to admit that RTWP can be fun but it's just not for you?

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