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Not Insane difficulty

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How many times did I reload? For this video, I didn't keep count

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"Was it tedious?" No, it wasn't.

Imagine spending 5 minutes on setting up in a 5 minute 45 second boss fight and saying it wasn't tedious with a straight face.
gz tho, you for sure did something not a lot of people can do.

What's the point of asking the question "Was it tedious?" if you were not willing to believe the answer? I'd "rofl" here too were I not busy facepalming.

If you watch that video and believe that cranking up the difficulty to Insane would have made a difference, it only proves how bad and ignorant you are at the game. I suspected as much, to be honest, judging by the fact that you thought it impossible without "rest cheesing". I can make another video on Insane just for the sake of clearing this up, but I don't see much point in proving something to someone who is not willing to believe or open their eyes.

You notice I killed Melissan instantly every time, right? You notice the fight drags on more because of its design, with all the cutscenes and whatnot, right? How long would it take *you* for this fight, normally? And how many times would *you *need to reload?

Did you actually *watch* the video, or did you simply look at how long it is?

Making fun of "preparation", when that is exactly what this game is about. I didn't know you wanted a "speedkill". Could've just said so. I made this with the intent to show that it actually doesn't take "god-tier" maneuver and also doesn't have to be super cheesy. But of course, if I had made a speedkill video chances are you'd try to find something else to make fun of.

You're clearly one who has no idea what this game is about, and how to play it. But what's disappointing here is when someone proves just how bad you are at the game, all you can say is "lol".

It's been a cool argument.

PS: this is even worse than arguing with Sordak. Dude at least always argues back with his perspective and *some* reasoning.

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