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If a game design require you to play in a certain way that is both harder and not what is intended gameplay, to be more fun. Do you really expect people, who already find it boring, to bother to get so familiar with the game that they can play it in such a manner? Thats ridiculous.


Read the very first bullet point I said in that post.

The point of the video, like I said, is simply to answer the question "can it be done or not?", and also to eventually prove that, this game is simply *not* for some people. There is no point for these people to come here whining the game is "boring" and whatnot with their stupid reasoning, because this game is simply NOT FOR THEM. So they really should just shut the fuck up.

"What is intended gameplay." Exactly. The intended gameplay is to pause. The video was an answer to those who can't enjoy the INTENDED gameplay. Like I pointed out, you can't enjoy the "normal" gameplay, you also can't be bothered to try and play it in a "not normal" way to see if it's more fun, you also can't be bothered to get better at the game.

It's fun to see how you try and twist and turn all arguments. I responded to the last bullet point, wich said "people complain a game is boring or whatever, yet they can't be bothered to try and find out if there is a way to make the game more fun for them and also can't be bothered to try and get better at the game they're playing, either.".
And this thread is about what system people would prefer BG3 to be, so "whining" as you put it, is kinda the point of the thread. Anyway, not gonna go on talking with someone like you, cheers.