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5 minutes on setting up in a 5 minute 45 second boss

Clearly just a very, very lousy attempt to make his argument "legit". Probably didn't even bother to watch past the first minute. You issued a challenge, I answered it. That's better than anything you've done or have to show so far. Get the hell out of here.

I literally timed it... And didn't include any time that you weren't in control of your characters. Sorry objective fact isn't legit enough for you. If this doesn't showcase the fanboy gatekeeping, then nothing does. Thanks for proving my point while trying to argue against it though.

Edit: I was even generous enough to include the time you spent attacking something longer than you needed to during time stop into the "active combat" time... Thought it feels painfully similar to beating the dead horse of trying to get you to understand literally anyone's perspective beside your own.
Get the hell out of here?

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