my favorite video game is polishing door handles because if i tie both my hands behind my back and place an onion in my mouth, its a truly challenging expirience

and before someone calls this an ad hominem: let me reiterate the points at hand.
>People who dont like RTWP are lazy because they dont want to manage 6 characters at once
>actually you dont have to since its called real time WITH PAUSE
>But what if i place arbitrary restrictions on myself and not pause the game

And thats where it stops beeing an argument and goes off to clown world.
you cannot argue for the "virtue" of a system (and use that to dismiss adherants of another system) by proposing to not use the mechanic the system is designed for.
I might aswell say Fighting Game players have terrible reflexes because i play Dark Souls without dodge rolling and rely entierly on parrying.

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