T:ToN is just a bad game, the budget was not the problem.

It is not bad at all. It is worse than it could and should be. That was my point.

And then every post comes up with some completley different convoluted reason why turn based is "bad".

Turn-based fans make their assumptions, real-time fans - making theirs. There is nothing wrong with that. Some people want BG3 to have D:OS combat system. I found their argument unconvincing. By the way, think about what Wikipedia said about RTwP: ...It can also help players who desire extra time for analysis before issuing actions. Do you see? With RTwP you can take your time, your cup of coffee and think carefully before make the next move. It is not shooter mechanics in any way.

RTwP isn't real time system after all. It is modified turn-based. Throwing polyhedral dice and calculating the outcome based on class, abilities etc. - all those essential elements are still there! The difference is that calculations, that in tabletop game can lasts hours with pen and paper, computer makes immediately. Less primary school algebra, more Dragons!