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Good post. We'll see if Larian was wise in how they put those resources to use.

Thank you, good man. Hope is still lives in my heart.

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Realy RTWP is a system that came out of neccesity and it doesnt know what it wants to be.

You are mistaken. RTwP system is not a person, not a moody girl. It is sub-program and mathematics.

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...itll be Dragon Age 2 style RTWP rather than Baldurs Gate style.

How on earth did you came to that conclusion? DA series traces their roots from BG1 and BG2. Then was NWN, and then DA. Have you read the story of how DA2 was made, about EA swallowed Bioware and all that. EA gave to developers too litte time to finish the game and they had to made console versions also. In case of Larian studios that is not the issue.

You see, that was exactly the discussion we had on inXile forum. People were afraid, that after DA2 and DA3 T:ToN can became as fast as Quake. Too shallow for a proper RPG. So I think I understand you fears. It is my worst expectations also, just from a different point of view. BG3 can became too slow to read, too slow to fight, have too many of unimportant elements without real purpose. You understand? Also too much of one side, too little of the other.

And, come to think of that, nobody from the either side of the argument want to see BG3 fast, shallow and stupid. Nobody wants it to have "action-oriented gameplay" as DA2. Read this guy on the first page: http://forums.larian.com/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=652997#Post652997

My friend, big BG fan, didn't create account here, and ask me on his behalf to write this: Baldur's Gate is and always was Baldur's Gate. It should stay that way. Otherwise it wouldn't be BG anymore.