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I literally timed it... And didn't include any time that you weren't in control of your characters. Sorry objective fact isn't legit enough for you. If this doesn't showcase the fanboy gatekeeping, then nothing does. Thanks for proving my point while trying to argue against it though.

Edit: I was even generous enough to include the time you spent attacking something longer than you needed to during time stop into the "active combat" time...

I don't know what you included in your timing, but even if you include all the time for setting up traps and inventory management, what I'd call "preparation" is only roughly 3 minutes. But then how else do you use trap spells/skills? And inventory management is disallowed too? You don't have to manage inventory and don't have to move characters around in TB, right? So yeah, you'll have to excuse me if I don't trust your "literally timed it".

You wanted a video on that fight in real time. I gave you that. Then you started to nit-pick at completely irrelevant factors. You started acting like "not playing on Insane" is a problem. The original argument was about the systems, wasn't it? RTWP vs. TB. And somehow playing on the intended difficulty is suddenly a problem now? If you don't already know, the system revolves around Core Rules. And you "lol"d when I said it wasn't tedious for me. I used all spells as they are supposed to be used. If this is tedious for you, fair enough. But you don't get to decide if it is tedious for me or anyone else. If this is tedious for you, then the game's not for you. Looks to me like you were just trying a bit too hard there to "win" the argument based on irrelevant factors. Well, nice try.

Most importantly, any "preparation" I did was *outside of combat*. Meaning the preparation that you laughed at has nothing to do with whether the system is RTWP or TB, which is the original issue that started all this. So you're clearly just making fun of the attempt in order to try to "stay relevant", as if your arguments still have some meaning or validity. Unless you're trying to tell me that in a TB game "out-of-combat preparations" doesn't exist, at all. Now this is just plain stupid.

In the end, what this whole video challenge drama shows is that you know almost nothing about how this game is supposed to be played. After all, you simply can't know much about a game whose core mechanics you dislike. There's nothing wrong with not knowing much about a game. It's just that I find it laughable when someone talks all sorts of bs while pretending the opposite, and then acts like a complete loser when the argument starts getting serious. Simple as that. There's nothing wrong with disliking the game, either. You'll have to accept the fact that there are plenty of others who can enjoy exactly the same thing that bores you. You can keep "lol"ing if that makes you feel more secure or if that's the best you can do to undermine someone else's argument.

So are you out of here yet?

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