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Lot of possible pre-orders just floating in the air...

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...when Larian finally shows the gameplay...

You absolutely right. I wonder, what is wrong with putting few lines of text on the BG3's site? "It will D&D5, it will be in 2.5D/3D, it will be same/different combat, it will be great". I mean, why keep suspense on this? By all means hide the scenario details, just tell us, what are you making - submarine or a plane.

I remembering what had happen with "Torchlight". When developers making the second part, they told - it will "...serving as an intermediate step toward long before planned MMO". Imagine, what would happen if they waited till the last moment and said: aaaaaand it will be free-to-play MMO. And reaction of those, who awaited usual single player - What, why, how? Second "Second DotA"? Another Red shirt guy moment.

That talk about burning chair in the interview with Mr. Vincke make me worried. What it will be - funny cutscene during dialogue or a "combo move button" on the spell bar in Turn-based battle? Say, on 27th turn "rage bar" is charged and you can apply this move. NWN2-MoB-style bar. But where do you take this chair, if your character standing in the opposite corner? If in RTwP you will run to it, your enemy will just move away. Your party leader, his enemy and this chair must be pretty close. They must be prepositioned when battle begins. This situation more likely indicates turn-based style.

And then Mr. Mearls said: "...coming to life in the authentic way in Baldur's Gate 3." And i don't know what to await now.