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Wanted to ask you if the latest update to Greedfall had much effect.

I keep hearing from ppl that it's a hell of a lot of fun.

Not sure, I'd already done two fairly complete play-throughs by the time it came out and I'm not quite ready for a third! It's mostly bug-fixes, I think, and though there were some reported howlers my personal experience is that it was remarkably bug-free game for something with some fairly complex and interwoven quests. It apparently addresses one of the biggest gripes I had at the outset which was terrible motion sickness, but after a day or two I habituated to it (sometimes I do, sometimes I don't), partly in conjunction with increasing the FoV to the widest-but-one setting and reducing the mouse sensitivity from about halfway to a quarter. And sprinting everywhere, since endurance isn't a worry.

If the Bioware itch needs scratching I would strongly recommend it. IMHO its strengths are the fairly interesting personal quests and well-written characters. Setting is a mixed bag: beautiful and hand-made rather than auto-generated, though the over-use of a brown filter and Dragon Age style re-use of interiors detracts a little; plus it's not truly open-world, again like DA, though some of the regions are quite large.

Voice acting is excellent; subtitles are mixed, seemingly having some (well, most) done by a proper translator and a few being sometimes a bit Zero Wing.

Most of the "this is awesome but..." is the result of them being a tiny studio, which other people are varyingly forgiving about, the detractors pointing out that having a AAA price tag it should be a AAA quality game. I'd say overall it is, my main feeling being that it's a little short compared to what I'm used to at around 35 hours if you do everything. Then again, that's twice as much as you tend to get from a typical shooter.

So if you want more Bioware-style gameplay I'd definitely recommend it, but it's very different from the Original Sins. And not having played the BG series I'm not sure where that fits in: from what I've gleaned, somewhere in the middle.

It also has its share of meme-friendly arrow-to-the-knee style lines, and I'm going to be forever stuck with the mental image of a grinning Kurt bursting into the room in the middle of the romance scene yelling, "stand aside, things are about to get dicey!"

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