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Lol reading through this It sounds fun I shall try something similar with my D2 play through, also
You also die by the dragon rider just outside the first town, but techially your ressurected so it doesn't count by your rules lol or does it? but the comment on the divine death, it's technically a ritual and your also ressurected as a new so it's like a new person but not..... complicated stuff and so on and so forth

I see that as you being just unconcious and Zandalor just healed you. If Zandalor resurrected you, wouldn't he do the same with the other dead Marked Ones later? Why would he be so taken by their deaths and put all hope in the LAST Marked One (means your character)? Also the remark of your character "that was close" translating to "I thought I would die here, if it wasn't for you, magical old guy". XD