I did the 16 bit color stuff in the compatibility tab, but no change at all, even running as administrator has almost no effect (the only effect is to confirm things at the launch of the game). The game itself still launches with that note about not running in 16 bit color mode and stuff.
Kinda weird, but I can't change my desktop color depth, my monitor has that drop down menu, but the only option there is 32 bit true color, nothing else. There's nothing to choose from. Choosing between 32 true color and 32 true color isn't choosing at all. I have Win10 Home Edition, installed by professionals, not myself, so can't blame me for screwing this. XD Might be the source of the problem, that the monitor (eventually the graphics drivers) is unable to change the color mode even when forced by the game itself? So the game instead is forced to run in 32 bit weird color mode? In Win7 the game was working well, it's after the system upgrade, that some games refuse to work properly.

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