I am having issues joining my friend via Direct Connect.
4 friends made a game together (1 on GOG and 3 on Steam - I'm on GOG). We made our characters and have had several sessions together over the last couple of years, and we are near the end. Suddenly I am unable to Direct Connect to my friends game.
My other two friends are still able to join. I get a 'Connection Failed' error and if I check the logs I see "Punchthrough failed event received but GUID doesn't match lobby owner GUID"

Some trouble-shooting we have tried:
- uninstalling and reinstalling the game.
- Made sure there were no firewall blocking.
- Made sure we were not on a VPN
- Game versions are the same.
- Tried joining as the first player. Could still not connect, but friends are able to join at will.
- I tried making a new game, and same friend has an issue joining my game.
- reset network config.
- tried both classic and definitive as both host and player.