Hmm. I know that the Divinity series has a deserved reputation for being difficult for the unwary, and I admit I'm kind of the definition of "the unwary" as well as being unprepared, not tactically-minded and a bit rubbish at combat, but I'm finding myself being repeatedly one-shotted (or at most two-shot) across several different encounters, e.g. Zagan or rather his minions, Stone's second set of arena guests and now Ba'al. I'm honestly flummoxed: I don't think I'm at too low a level and my HP and armour seem decent so I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong. Here's my stats box in case anyone can spot what I'm just failing to see, but I can't last more than a couple of seconds in any of these encounters even taking maximum-strength health potions and preparing myself with the "extreme" armour potion.

[Linked Image]

Edit: these are the dual-wielding stats, the ranged ones have more dexterity and HP and less strength, but make absolutely no difference to the outcome which is certain death should I come out of hiding long enough to take a single shot.

Also worth mentioning that, though I've used my actually hard-as-nails creature as a sort of "bullet sponge", even he gets insta-killed and the next one will take me out too.

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