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Personally, I don't see how a game could be authentically Baldur's Gate withotu RTwP combat. It's the game that popularized if not created the RTwP RPG genre. To not have RTwP would be like getting the license to make a new Star Wars film and replacing the characters and lore with Star Trek characters and lore. RTwP was literally created for Baldur's Gate, and Baldur's Gate created RTwP. It'd be a betrayal of Baldur's Gate's legacy and a disrespect to its fans to have BG3 not be RTwP - and I'm sure Larian knows it. If they didn't want to make Baldur's Gate, including with the combat it is synonymous with... why would they have requested to make Baldur's Gate?

That is a false analogy. Characters and lore is not combat mechanic and combat mechanic does not define a film or a game.
There are star wars games with FPS, Real time strategy, Shoot 'em up and etc. There are still Star War games with Star War characters, lores and etc.