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Larian promised that there would communication on BG3 with the fans and so far that is a broken promise. A Cone of Silence has been in effect for months now nd it's largely killed my hype for the game, because they are completely unresponsive. Does anyone else feel this way?

So when will the Cone of Silence be lifted?

Well if we weren't hyped for it we wouldn't be posting here right now, would we?

Etwas zu sagen, ohne etwas zu sagen, ist keine Arroganz und auch kein Zufall, sondern das Erzeugen und Aufrechterhalten eines Hypes. Deshalb haben wir auch hier rein geklickt: weil es uns interessiert, weil wir gerne mehr wissen würden, aber das nicht bekommen. So bleibt Spannung erhalten, so entsteht Diskussionsstoff, so multipliziert sich der Hype, inklusive der Vorfreude und / oder auch Sorgen - ganz gezielt.

As this user points out in that GameStar article Hawke linked to, withholding key details on the game keeps fans on the edge making sure it stays in the spotlight. Sounds like a great idea at first but as soon as we have the full scoop on BG3 we'll know if it's worth shelling out $60 for. In the meantime maybe it helps them sell more copies of Divinity games. Sucks to be a fan.

Edit: I'm looking forward to what is rumored to be an upcoming Nintendo Direct event where Dragon Quest XII may be officially announced. Then there's SMTV that hasn't had an update for years.

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