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As a matter of fact, the announcement and the trailer were timed according to the release of WotC products, and by the time the game is released different WotC products will be out not concerning Baldur’s Gate at all. Fanbase has already gone mad, fragmented between those wanting Rtwp and those wanting TB, not to mention the speculation about sequel/non sequel and the doubts concerning the port of 5e to a crpg.

A total mess so far.

I agree. It would have been better if they'd just come out for example and said it's a RTwP or TB or whatever it is (I'm still fairly certain it's TB), because like rilling off a Band-Aid fast it only hurts for a second and then it's over. Instead because it's unknown they've allowed the debate to go on endlessly until a disagreement festered into a festering, bleeding wound and two sides angry and bitter towards each other with day it grows worse, because until we know no one can move on. That festering wound is turning gangrene. Just one example.

Now compare that to Tuque Studios. Dark Alliance is a ARPG with zero character creation. It looks awful and sounds worse. But at least they ripped the Band-Aid off so those who hate it like me can bitch about it and then quickly getting it out of our systems we move on, miniumal bitterness, so major longer term diversion in the fan base. No feuds. Like ripping off a Band-Aid.