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Deadfire's complete financial failure has probably killed RTWP for good. I expect even Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous will offer turn-based gameplay + their beloved RTWP.

Show me one shred of evidence PoE2 sold poorly because it was RTwP.

Oh, and a recent interview with WotR director confirms RTwP will be the (only) combat system for the game. Thank God there's at least one studio out there that knows how to make good cRPGs.

Even Obsidian added Turn based later on. And I do not need to prove that it's what the whole industry thinks, DOS 2 outsold literally every other CRPG made in years.
Pathfinder was a new IP and I fear that Wrath of the Chosen won't be as popular because even POE1 was a huge hit then. I am really excited about WOTR and I personally enjoy RTWP but the majority thinks it's too complicated.
Owlcat Games is a small Russian studio they can make their games so cheaply that it can survive with sales in the lowe 100ks, Larian with their 200-300 devs simply can't.

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